How to reduce networked advertising

By John Powe in 21 Jun 2022 | 11:10
John Powe

John Powe

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We hear over and over about the evil of networked advertising on mainland, about how it is the bane of mainlanders existence, about how it should be eliminated now and forever.

But how?

We hear that networked advertising is mainly a phenomenon of micro parcels, since what else can you do with 5 prims except stick a sign on it?

Its been suggested that parcels not be allowed to be cut smaller than a certain size, but that would cause a lot of unintended consequences.

Similarly, banning the sale of micro parcels would cause also undesirable consequences.

A forum resident suggested charging each micro parcel  the equivalent of a 512 sq m tier, which is both unworkable and unfair.

My suggesting is simple, clear and fair.

I propose that Linden Labs make a new rule banning construction on any parcel under  64 sq m

Parcels under that size would only be allowed to have natural elements rezzed on them such as trees, flowers, and rocks.

As soon as this rule change is implemented, all those 16 sq m networked advertising holdings would be rendered worthless, either for use or for sale at inflated prices.

Networked advertisers could divest themselves of their holdings by offering them for sale at reasonable prices to neighboring land owners, or just abandoning them

Lets face it, no one will pay hundreds of $Ls for a 16 sq m parcel just to put a rock or shrub on.

Under this new rule, networked advertising won't be eliminated since it would still be legal, but I think it will certainly be greatly reduced.

Implement this suggestion, and take a giant step to beautifying the mainland by largely eliminating the "scourge" of networked advertising once and for all.

Note to LL, if you do implement this rule, please publish it. Don't just sneakily change the TOS and say gotcha.

21 Jun 2022 | 11:10
James Kong

James Kong

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I doubt the Lab will make any significant changes to existing Mainland rules.

On the other hand, they've definitely moved away from allowing new land to be subdivided, joined, etc. That's always been the rule in Linden's "urban" zoned areas such as Bay City, Nova Albion, Nautilus City, etc., and applies to a big chunk of Zindra. Also, of course, Belli and the old Linden Homes continents, and most predictive of anything to be added in future: the Horizons continent. So, basically, they realize that virtual land is most productive when it follows the same practices as Estates, and that just doesn't include microparcels.

If they did anything, I'd favor just banning everything under 144 sq.m. from being set for sale at all, just as they can't appear in Search.They were just a mistake, so let them die out as painlessly as possible.

Networked advertising, qua advertising, has never really been a thing. There have been a few folks who genuinely misunderstood and thought it might be a business, but that's never been why there are microparcels, and most microparcel-based network "advertisers" know darn well they couldn't pay to light the pixels with the eyeballs and clickthrus. It's always been just a cover for land extortion, with a handful of saps who mistook it for actual advertising. There's just no business to be had there.

21 Jun 2022 | 11:14


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